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In one case, our client collided with a vehicle that was parked on an interstate off ramp. The vehicle was parked in a dangerous location with no visible warning lights of any kind. The insurance company completely denied liability and claimed that our client should have avoided the collision under Georgia's "last clear chance" doctrine. We sent our client to doctors and specialists whom we work closely with in our area to ensure that his extensive injuries were properly treated. After our thorough investigation of the case and our threat of filing suit, the insurance company reviewed our evidence and offered our client policy limits for his injuries and paid for more than the full value of his vehicle.

In another case, our client was hit in a parking lot while walking into her place of work. The insurance company acted as if our client's injuries were frivolous, even though she had been flung into the air after being struck by the at-fault driver. The insurance company completely ignored all attempts to settle the case prior to our firm filing suit. We proceeded with filing our suit to ensure that our client's rights were protected, and we were able to settle the case prior to a trial for more than nineteen times the insurance company's initial offer.

A third case involved a serious accident between our client and an under-insured motorist. The insurance company was not willing to fulfill its obligations under our client's policy until we filed suit. During the course of litigation, and on the eve of trial, were able to force the insurance company to honor its obligation to our client, and we were able to settle his case for twenty-two times the amount that the insurance company had offered our client prior to our involvement in the case.

Another case, after our client's prior attorney told her that he could not get any additional money for her but filed suit on her behalf, the Duke Law Firm took over the case. During litigation but prior to trial, Desiree Duke and Timothy Heath were able to get our client 2.5 times more than the last offer with her prior attorney because the insurance company knew we would and do take cases to trial.