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Minor brain injuries can have a major impact on your life

A Georgia car accident can change your life in an instant, even if you do not realize the true impact it will have on your life until days or weeks later. This is particularly true for individuals who experience common car accident injuries, including concussions. While it is a common injury that many people consider to be minor, it is still a type of traumatic brain injury that can affect a victim long term.

Your seemingly minor concussion can have a major effect on your life. It can make it difficult to work, enjoy a certain quality of life and do everyday tasks you used to be able to complete without issue. If your concussion is the result of an accident caused by a negligent or reckless driver, you may have grounds to pursue financial compensation.

An auto wreck ought not wreck your life: What to do after a crash

No matter what measures you take to protect yourself behind the wheel, motor vehicle accidents cannot always be avoided. Unfortunately, depending on the nature of your car crash, you may end up developing serious injuries.

In many instances, car accidents in Georgia occur due to another driver's carelessness. For instance, perhaps the other driver was texting while driving, or maybe he or she was speeding at the time of the unfortunate incident. Taking a few steps immediately following an accident that was no fault of your own may help you to protect your future best interests.  

How long does it take to receive compensation after a car crash?

Suffering injuries in an automobile accident can really take a toll on your life in a number of ways. If another person was responsible for the collision, either fully or partially, according to the state of Georgia, you may seek compensation for your losses through legal means. How long does it take to receive compensation after a car crash?

Every accident case is different. Sometimes, it is fairly easy to reach settlement terms, and sometimes, it is not. Sometimes, people handle cases completely out of court, and sometimes, litigation becomes necessary.

Victim of medical malpractice? Here's some steps to take

The last person you expect to contribute to your health problems is your doctor, but sometimes, it does happen. When a physician makes a mistake that deviates from the normal, expected course of care, and this mistake causes you harm, you may be able to pursue a case of medical malpractice. Physicians do their best to provide the best standard of medical care, but when they don't, and become negligent, they are responsible for any harm that occurs.

If you think your doctor has made an error, you might be wondering what steps to take. The thought of pursuing a malpractice case intimidates many people, or they might think that taking the doctor to court would be too expensive. The fact is, many personal injury lawyers charge a fee only if they win the case, and they have the skills needed to face the big insurance companies. As you think about how to begin your malpractice case, you may wish to take advantage of the following steps.  

Braking distance and its impact on your truck accident

If you were involved in a truck accident in Georgia, you know how harrowing and emotionally scarring that experience can be. In addition to the emotional trauma and mental hardship you endured, chances are that you also experienced physical injuries as well. After suffering harm due to an accident with a commercial vehicle or semi-trailer, you may find it beneficial to fully explore your legal options.

While truck accidents happen for many reasons, braking distance plays a significant role in many of them. Inadequate training or poor judgment behind the wheel can increase the chances that a truck driver will misjudge stopping distance, follow too closely or do something that ultimately causes harm to innocent motorists. If you suffered because of a truck accident, it is possible that you have valid grounds for a civil claim.

Bicycle injuries: the facts

Bicycle injuries are a major problem for individuals. Wherever there are motor vehicles and bicycles using the same roads, there is a potential for an accident to occur. People in cars have safety measures like air bags, seat belts and other safety gear, while bikers are more exposed to the road, often only protected by their helmets.

A person hurt by another person while riding their bike may be facing serious issues. There could be medical costs and other damages associated with the accident. Family members may also be facing the problem of their loved one's wrongful death. It can be tough to determine what to do, and people may not be sure where to turn for help.

Did going to your child's First game of the season end in injury?

If you're the parent of a Georgia high school or college athlete, you've likely been busy washing uniforms, shopping for cleats and otherwise getting ready for this year's sports seasons. From cross country running and soccer to basketball and volleyball, cheering on your favorite local teams is a lot of fun and a nice way to bring families and communities together. When a particular sporting event draws a large crowd, there may be increased safety risks involved.

In fact, just walking from your car to a gymnasium entrance can be a life-threatening experience. You may be one of many parents who are pushing a younger child in a stroller or are walking with grandparents or other relatives who have come to see your son or daughter play. Sometimes, if a school parking lot is filled to capacity, you may even have to park a block or two away. As a pedestrian, you are at risk for injury.

Distraction could be easy to spot, but perhaps harder to prove

Operating a vehicle naturally takes a significant portion of a driver's attention. While you might consider it important to focus only on the road when driving, unfortunately, you cannot control the actions of others, some of whom may not make such sound decisions.

It may be easy to identify the signs of distraction among drivers, whether from one who constantly drifts in and out of a lane or another who is late to respond to a traffic light. However, reacting quickly enough to avoid a sudden and unexpected movement made by a nearby driver could be significantly more challenging.

Has a Lyme disease diagnosis ruined your health?

If you went to the doctor with complaints of symptoms such as fatigue, overall pain and neurological issues such as irritability or memory problems, your doctor may have concluded that you had Lyme disease. Last year, doctors diagnosed about 300,000 people with Lyme disease, and that number increases annually.

Because of the rapid progression and long-term effects of the chronic illness, researchers are developing more aggressive methods of treatment, and according to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, many of the treatments at best don't work, and at worst can be deadly.

Did your shopping trip end with an extended stay in the hospital?

Was it more embarrassing than painful when you recently slipped and fell in the supermarket -- only to suffer a variety of aches and pains the next morning? You are not alone because slip and fall hazards in supermarkets and other stores are common, and going for a proper medical examination after such a fall is often necessary. Some Georgia residents do not realize that they are entitled to pursue recovery of medical expenses and other damages through the civil justice system after these unfortunate incidents.

Different injuries can result from slips and falls. Many of these accidents occur when a person steps into a wet patch on the floor and his or her feet slide forward, causing the body to fall backward. Uneven surfaces also can cause people to trip and fall forward, instinctively putting out their hands to break their falls. The direction in which you fall determines the types and severity of injuries you suffer, and your age may also play a significant role in the extent of your injuries.

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