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Did going to your child's first game of the season end in injury?

If you're the parent of a Georgia high school or college athlete, you've likely been busy washing uniforms, shopping for cleats and otherwise getting ready for this year's sports seasons. From cross country running and soccer to basketball and volleyball, cheering on your favorite local teams is a lot of fun and a nice way to bring families and communities together. When a particular sporting event draws a large crowd, there may be increased safety risks involved.

In fact, just walking from your car to a gymnasium entrance can be a life-threatening experience. You may be one of many parents who are pushing a younger child in a stroller or are walking with grandparents or other relatives who have come to see your son or daughter play. Sometimes, if a school parking lot is filled to capacity, you may even have to park a block or two away. As a pedestrian, you are at risk for injury.

Distraction could be easy to spot, but perhaps harder to prove

Operating a vehicle naturally takes a significant portion of a driver's attention. While you might consider it important to focus only on the road when driving, unfortunately, you cannot control the actions of others, some of whom may not make such sound decisions.

It may be easy to identify the signs of distraction among drivers, whether from one who constantly drifts in and out of a lane or another who is late to respond to a traffic light. However, reacting quickly enough to avoid a sudden and unexpected movement made by a nearby driver could be significantly more challenging.

Has a Lyme disease diagnosis ruined your health?

If you went to the doctor with complaints of symptoms such as fatigue, overall pain and neurological issues such as irritability or memory problems, your doctor may have concluded that you had Lyme disease. Last year, doctors diagnosed about 300,000 people with Lyme disease, and that number increases annually.

Because of the rapid progression and long-term effects of the chronic illness, researchers are developing more aggressive methods of treatment, and according to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, many of the treatments at best don't work, and at worst can be deadly.

Did your shopping trip end with an extended stay in the hospital?

Was it more embarrassing than painful when you recently slipped and fell in the supermarket -- only to suffer a variety of aches and pains the next morning? You are not alone because slip and fall hazards in supermarkets and other stores are common, and going for a proper medical examination after such a fall is often necessary. Some Georgia residents do not realize that they are entitled to pursue recovery of medical expenses and other damages through the civil justice system after these unfortunate incidents.

Different injuries can result from slips and falls. Many of these accidents occur when a person steps into a wet patch on the floor and his or her feet slide forward, causing the body to fall backward. Uneven surfaces also can cause people to trip and fall forward, instinctively putting out their hands to break their falls. The direction in which you fall determines the types and severity of injuries you suffer, and your age may also play a significant role in the extent of your injuries.

Injured? You should still see a doctor even if it’s too costly

Every year, thousands of individuals all across the state of Georgia are injured due to the negligence of others.

People suffer injuries from slip and falls in retail stores or parking lots. Others are injured at the hands of a doctor or other medical professional. Many more suffer serious bodily harm from an auto accident collision.

Car accidents more likely after Daylight Saving Time

Feeling tired lately? If so, you're probably not alone. The annual spring tradition of setting our clocks one hour forward to mark Daylight Saving Time has many Americans reaching for an extra cup of coffee or hitting the snooze button in recent weeks. While some will remember Daylight Saving Time as a way to combat the energy crisis of the 1970s, it could be illuminating another hazard in our lives today.

New research shows that car accidents spike in the weeks following Daylight Saving Time. While the hour in time is made up when we set our clocks back in the fall, the economic costs of a car accident continue to tick upward. From 2002 to 2011, Daylight Saving Time's lost hour was to blame for 30 driving deaths and $275 million in damages annually, according to a study published by the American Economic Association.

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